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Rob Stevenson and Angela Nancarrow from SpiritSong are delighted to announce the release of their new CD mantra immersion.


mantra immersion is a soothing, nourishing and peaceful album featuring 9 tracks of devotional mantras (Sanskrit and Gurmukhi languages) and a bonus lullaby ‘Let There be Love’.


Sublime layers of gentle male and female blended harmonies create an uplifting and nurturing ambience for deep meditation. Piano, tabla, bamboo flute, guitar, keyboard and the Indian tanmandel combine in a unique, complimentary soundscape.


Mantras are the heart of the music, powerful in the effortless and joyful repetition, soaking those listening or chanting in restorative vibrations – a true mantra immersion.


mantra immersion can be used as part of a devotional chanting practice, meditation or mindfulness practice, to compliment a yoga practice, for singing or for relaxation.




"Wow! how wonderful your CD is.  Have nearly worn it out already.

It sends me to sleep every night and immerses me to awake in peace and bliss in the morning"  -  Jo

"We are just so inspired by Rob and Angela's C.D.  It is truly beautiful and reflects their enthusiasm to Life. 'Mantra Immersion' is truly uplifting and yet so calming.  We find it a wonderful way to close the day"  -  Jenny and Don

"Your CD is so beautiful, such a gentle approach to music – beautiful. You two sound stunning together. Love it"  -  Leisa

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