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Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘a meeting’, or ‘community’ (sangha) in ‘truth’ (sat). It is a form of meditation which includes music and chanting and is a pathway to inner peace.


The music of mantras and chants helps to deepen the silence of meditation. There is no effort required, satsangs happen naturally.


Satsang creates a sacred space where we can sit silently together.


We come together in our apparent separateness, which brings us closer as friends, because in this sacred space together, there is no judgement – we are all one.


We sometimes also incorporate Sufi dancing or ‘dances of universal peace’. We dance simple, basic steps as we sing a mantra - a beautiful and connecting experience.

Please call the Relaxation Centre on: 38563733

to ensure your place 




WHERE:  The Relaxation Centre, 

15 South Pine Rd, Alderley

WHEN:  Thursday 27th June 2024

TIME:  7pm til 8:30pm




Please call the Relaxation Centre on: 38563733

to ensure your place 


upcoming workshops and other events

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"Rob and Angela are SpiritSong . Their mantras and music make my spirit sing.
They create a blissful energy where ever they share the Mantras. We are very lucky to have them here in Scarborough at Serenity Space.
I have been sharing their talent and joyful energy for many years. During their Kirtans my heart opens so much,it takes me to a place of complete bliss"  -  Janette

"SpiritSong is a most beautiful duo of Rob and Angela.... such talented and lovely people, that have come together and share age old mantras and melodies.

I have been blessed to enjoy many evenings of their satsang events both locally at Scarborough's Serenity Space and back in West End some years ago.

It is always such an uplifting experience, and they do a wonderful job making everyone feel welcome and also help those new to mantra, by explaining meanings of mantras or Sanskrit words.
I have even made contact with them at certain times for advice on mantras for certain times in life - and I believe embracing mantras in my life has helped guide me through more trying times.

Highly recommend coming along to join in"  -  Jeanie

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