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Rob and Angela from SpiritSong hold ecstatic devotional chanting sessions for group music meditation. SpiritSong play contemporary arrangements of sacred mantras from around the world, gently opening into a deep, nourishing and conscious space for active awakening.


A sublime blend of male and female vocal harmonies, unique piano lines, keyboard accompaniment and the meditative resonance of the Indian tanmandel is the signature sound of SpiritSong.


SpiritSong does not follow any one lineage and is designed to be accessible to all. Mantras are played as a doorway to stillness and presence as well as a joyous celebration.


SpiritSong has been described as holding a 'sweet, sacred space', in which opening and healing can occur. Over many years SpiritSong have cultivated a wonderful satsang community, where strong friendships have developed through attending satsang sessions.

SpiritSong’s album ‘Mantra Immersion’

“We are so blessed to share live music, mantras and chanting as a natural part of our lives, and with the support and friendship of a wonderful community. 


Mantra Immersion was born from the inspiration to create and record music that could be of benefit to others. This is music that people can chant along with, and really soak in the vibration of mantras we hold so dear to our heart.


We hope these mantras nurture and nourish you, and may your chanting practice lead you home to a place of deep peace, and expansive joy. Namaste, Rob and Angela”

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